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National Institute for Research and Development on Marine Geology and Geo-ecology – GeoEcoMar

Geophysical Methods of Deep Investigation


Main activity is the geophysical research in many fields: gravimetry, magnetometry, electrical prospecting, topo-hydrography.

Research activities:

  • Gravity and magnetic mapping of the Romanian Black Sea continental shelf and other marine areas, including the land – sea transition zone;
  • Geological interpretation of geophysical data by 2D and 3D modeling;
  • Environmental and engineering geophysics;
  • Archaeogeophysics;
  • Topodydrography – for the enhancement of hydrotehnic works and electronic navigation maps;
  • Geophysical data bases and GIS applications;
  • Coordination of research projects for CO2 Capture and Geological Storage, as engineering method to diminish greenhouse gas fluxes with climate change effects.

The laboratory is involved in several research projects:

  • National research projects: CERES, MENER, CEEX
  • Romanian Academy research grants
  • Contracts for geophysical works with Romanian companies and other organizations: PETROM, Romgaz SA, Prospectiuni SA, Intergis Grup SRL, as well as for the Romanian Museum for National History
  • European Commission Framework Programme VI (FP6): CASTOR, EU GeoCapacity, CO2 Net East
  • Contracts for geophysical works with foreign companies: PALADIN Expro Ltd.-UK, BRGM – France
  • MEBE European project (Middle East Basin Evolution)

Laboratory equipment

  • On bottom marine gravity meters, GD-K model (two equipments) – 1980, for 0-300 m depth range, measurements interval: 100-6000 mgal
  • On board marine gravity meters: GMN K model – 1984 and GMN KM model – 1987, measurements range: 500 – 7000 mgal
  • Geometrics Marine protonic magnetometer, G-877 model – 2002
  • Geometrics Land protonic magnetometers, G 856 – 2002, G 856 – 2004
  • Ceeducer Integrated bathymetry system – 2002, depth range: 0.3 – 100m
  • Interphase Echo-sounder – 1999
  • Topography equipment – GPS and Total Station, theodolites, topography gauges, different types of compasses
  • IBM compatible computers and peripherals
  • Electrometry system with automatic data acquisition
  • Specialized computer software: Oasis montaj and GM SYS, AutoCAD Map 3D, Raster Design, Global Mapper