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National Institute for Research and Development on Marine Geology and Geo-ecology – GeoEcoMar





The research activity of NIRD Geoecomar is funded through participation in national and international project calls or through direct contracts with Romanian or foreign partners.

In order to increase its scientific and technical capacity, Geoecomar considers the following main financing directions: national project competitions organized by MERYS or by other ministries or governmental agencies, structural funds, extra-budgetary and attracted funds (e.g. donations, sponsorships).

Lately the institute participated in competitions launched by the Ministry of Education and Research (Excellency in Research - CEEX, Core Program – PN), by the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Studies – CNCSIS and by the Romanian Academy (Grants program). In 2007 and 2008, NIRD GeoEcoMar participated in the project calls of the NATIONAL PLAN II, launched by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation through the National Agency for Scientific Research (NASR) – National Centre of Programs Management, obtaining funding for 11 projects, 6 of them coordinated by Geoecomar.

For all FP7 funded projects  , the Romanian funding agency is UEFISCDI via the “Capacitati” Programme.

NIRD GeoEcoMar carries on a significant international activity within the Framework Programs VI and VII of the European Commission. We are involved in projects financed by other international organisms, like NATO or IAEA Vienna. Bilateral projects with France (IFREMER), Switzerland (CESNE), Italy (ISMAR), Germany (Hamburg University) have been very important for the research strategy of the institute.

NIRD GeoEcoMar provides specialty services and consultancy toeconomic agents from Romania (ex. PETROM, ROMPETROL, CNE, etc) and from abroad (ex. DHV – The Netherlands, JICA - Japan, INDC – Belgium, etc)