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National Institute for Research and Development on Marine Geology and Geo-ecology – GeoEcoMar

National Projects (PN III)

  1. REX-CO2
    • Acronym: REX-CO2
    • Project manager: Dr. Alexandra-Constanța DUDU
    • Theme / Objectives:
      • Develop a publicly available well reuse screening tool which helps stakeholders to make informed decisions on the CCS reuse potential of certain wells or fields;
      • Demonstrate the application of the developed tool to perform dedicated reuse assessment, including technical, ecological and economic aspects with candidate wells/fields from multiple international sites;
      • Perform laboratory testing on relevant reuse risk scenarios, provide recommendations for (smart) material selection in reused wells; feed coupled thermo-hydraulic-mechanical-chemical (THMC) models and improve failure predictions;
      • Provide guidance for the development of reuse permit applications;
      • Gain an improved understanding on public acceptance and provide guidance on the socio-economic aspects of re-using oil and gas infrastructures.
    • Website: Web page
    • Acronym: ALIGN-CCUS
    • Project manager: Dr. Sorin ANGHEL
    • Theme / Objectives:
      • Complete characterization of aerosol-based emission and demonstration of countermeasures at TRL 6/7
      • Ensuring solvent consumption below 0.3kg amine/ton capture at TRL 6
      • Guidelines for reliable and cost-efficient operation at varying feed conditions and CO2 product requirements
      • Derive cost estimates and benchmarks for CO2 shipping and offshore unloading with reduced uncertainty
      • Quantification of the impacts of batch-wise injection on the integrity of the storage system
      • CO2 specifications expected from pilot-scale post combustion capture systems are evaluated in dense- phase CO2 corrosion lab
      • A real-options multi-period CCS network optimization model including capture from power and industry, energy storage and conversion is developed
    • Website: Web page
    • Acronym: ECO-BASE
    • Project manager: Dr. Constantin SAVA
    • Theme / Objectives:
      • Southeast European regional framework of physical and legal conditions for CCUS.
      • Potential opportunities for CO2-EOR as a measure to promote development of CO2 storage in the region.
      • Possible roadmaps for specific clusters (including sources, EOR and storage sites) in the region, including contingencies.
      • Site development plans, not necessarily fully optimised, but at higher level to show how storage and production are to be co-optimised.
      • Steps for building confidence / investment climate for CCS with a help of CO2-EOR.
      • Application for future NER procedure.
      • Steps for building public private partnerships.
      • Input to new regulations and incentives (e.g. revised tax models).
    • Website: Web page